watering can

The image is a view of a watering can on one of the work 
tables inside the potting shed at the Merestead Estate. 

Branch Brook

Branch Brook runs through the center of Mount Kisco and
flows, eventually, into New York City's Croton Reservoir system.
This view is from the small footbridge behind village hall and the library. 

Stone Wall no. 17

There is a path that runs from the barns to the upper meadow at the 
Merestead Estate and this wall separates the lower meadow from the path. 
The forces of nature since the wall was built have pushed it into this 
crooked pattern. The dry stone wall, expertly built but not maintained. 

Reflection (radio circle)

A triptych of reflected, leafless trees and the blue sky in the stream that runs
between the golf course and the old radio station. I was an Explorer Scout years
ago in a troupe sponsored by WVIP and a caddy at the golf course. The stream flows
slowly and is tucked behind overgrown vines.